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At Food innovations, our team of experts are passionate about all things home baking!  We supply the full suite of home baking products from colours & flavours to cupcake cases, frostings to freeze dried fruit and sprinkles to sweet pastry cases.  The majority of what we sell we produce at Food Innovations Manufacturing which is a BRC accredited company, operating from our site in Nottingham.  We have state of the art production facilities that allow us to produce an extensive, flexible range of products in differing pack formats.  We can supply either in private label of under our own brands. Recently acquired by the Doric Group, we now benefit from being a member of the Doric family with its portfolio of complimentary companies. The support and flexibility that the partnership brings only strengthens our competitive advantage.

The Food Innovations team works hard to build strong, successful partnerships across the whole sector from supermarkets to major retailers to smaller B2B companies and increasingly, export customers. Thanks to our energetic and progressive approach to delivering our customers’ needs, we have become a trusted market leader.



In recent years Food Innovations has:

• Developed and manufactured a range of edible Lustres, Glitters and Shimmer dusts.

• Introduced a unique range of Home Baking Activity Kits.

• Developed a range of ready to bake Ambient Biscuit Doughs.

• Carried out extensive research into improving the quality of Food Colours, Gels, Flavours and    Extracts.

• Improved and introduced a range of Frostings based on the latest sugar technology.                                                          

NPD is central to our philosophy of growth through providing our customers with innovative baking solutions and building ideas together with our customers.



At Food Innovations, responsive and flexible solutions are at the heart of all our partnerships. With our strategic approach to innovation we ensure our customers maintain their market advantage. Turning a notion into an edible product not only takes hard work and determination, but also a little bit of magic, and no one else does that better than us!


Food Innovations Ltd is proud to be certified by BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Food safety.

Food Innovations Ltd is Registered with RSPO the Round table on sustainable Palm Oil, promoting the growth and use of sustainable oil palm products through credible global standards. The certification also includes a number of the out sourced suppliers and the Food Innovations Manufacturing facility in Nottingham.

Food Innovations Ltd is also a Fair Trade License.  Our facilities are constantly audited by the UKs leading retailers.


The Directors of Food Innovations recognise that the Company has the potential to make an impact on its employees, customers, supply chain partners, the outside community and the environment. We lead by example. We are committed to conducting our business through values that promote professionalism, integrity, equality, respect, honesty and a safe working environment. We are also committed to minimising the impacts that our company has on the environment. We aim to act in a socially responsible manner at all times, ensuring that we consider our employees, customers, supply chain partners, the local community and the environment in all that we do. Furthermore we will consistently strive to be an exemplar of best practice in all of the areas in which we work.


Data Protection and GDPR

As we hold information about you and your Business we take our responsibilities extremely seriously.We have updated out Data Protection Policy to take into account the new General Data Protection Regulations which takes effect in the UK from 25th May 2018. If you have any questions relating to Data Protection we would be happy to answer these for you.

To view our Data Protection Policy, please click here.

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Interesting Fact!

If we put our writing tubes end to end we would be the able to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower 139 times

If we put our food colour and flavour bottles end to end they would be able to stretch from Manchester to Milan

We produce a lot of active ingredients; it works out the same weight as 5,331,706 tennis balls