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Welcome to the Food Innovations Baking Group website – our team are here to help and passionate about all things home baking! We sell the full spectrum of edible and non-edible products into the Home Baking Industry from colours & flavours to cupcake cases, frostings to freeze dried fruit and sprinkles to sweet pastry cases. Food Innovations Baking Group is unique in terms of its breadth of manufacturing capabilities, producing all core edible and non-edible products within its UK production facilities.

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Welcome to our website! The team at Food innovations Baking Group have had another very busy year and are pleased to be able to finish the year unveiling our new website.

Take a look at our latest product range and bespoke manufacturing capabilities. We are able to supply ranges in own label or in one of our own brands. At Food Innovations we constantly develop and research the latest trends to make sure our customers stay ahead of the game. We hope you find everything you need for successful home baking.

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Interesting Fact!

If we put our writing tubes end to end we would be the able to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower 139 times

If we put our food colour and flavour bottles end to end they would be able to stretch from Manchester to Milan

We produce a lot of active ingredients; it works out the same weight as 5,331,706 tennis balls