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Food Innovations Baking Group is different…

  • We are a multi-site UK based manufacturer of home baking products.
  • We serve the entire market place through a wide range of channels from the single site specialist sugar craft retailers, plant bakers, food service, wholesalers, specialist retail, convenience retail, discount retail and the international multi-site supermarket retailers.
  • We provide the full spectrum of edible and non-edible products into the home baking industry with flexibility and customisation around packaging formats.
  • We offer different branding options; including private label, licensed or one of our own brands. We are able to achieve this due to the flexibility of UK production backed up by our NPD, technical and commercial knowledge.

Over many years, the Group has earned a well-deserved reputation for innovation and technical excellence.  Combined with the focus on customer service and value, this has meant we are the “go to” provider for Home Baking Products in the UK and increasingly the Export market.



Food Innovations Baking Group is proud to have the following licences, accreditations and certifications:

  • Unannounced AA* BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Food Safety.
  • RSPO (Round table on sustainable Palm Oil) promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil products through credible global standards.
  • Fairtrade (for more info please go to
  • UTZ
  • And our facilities are constantly audited by the UK’s leading retailers.

To find out more about our licences, accreditations & certifications, please click here.


Our strategy is to become the most innovative and efficient provider of home baking and cake decorating products to the UK and export markets.  With our unique position as a UK based manufacturer, our customer & supplier relationships and the exceptional people who work in our business, we are ideally positioned to achieve this.


Dynamic – we provide innovative and flexible solutions to our customers and are continually looking at ways to deliver better value.
Committed – we take ownership and responsibility in what we do while aiming to exceed customer expectations.
Respectful – we work with openness and sincerity treating all colleagues, customers and vendors with equal respect.
Commercial – we consider the financial impact of everything we do, constantly innovating to keep ahead of market trends and investing in latest technology where relevant.


The Directors of Food Innovations Baking Group recognise that the Company has the potential to make an impact on its employees, customers, supply chain partners, the outside community and the environment. We lead by example. We are committed to conducting our business through values that promote professionalism, integrity, equality, respect, honesty and a safe working environment.  Furthermore, we will consistently strive to be an exemplar of best practice in all of the areas in which we work.

Data Protection and GDPR

As we hold information about you and your Business we take our responsibilities extremely seriously.We have updated out Data Protection Policy to take into account the new General Data Protection Regulations which takes effect in the UK from 25th May 2018. If you have any questions relating to Data Protection we would be happy to answer these for you.

To view our Data Protection Policy, please click here.

To view our Modern Slavery Commitment, please click here


Our Licences and Accreditations

Pioneers in food innovation

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Welcome to our website! The team at Food innovations Baking Group have had another very busy year and are pleased to be able to finish the year unveiling our new website.

Take a look at our latest product range and bespoke manufacturing capabilities. We are able to supply ranges in own label or in one of our own brands. At Food Innovations we constantly develop and research the latest trends to make sure our customers stay ahead of the game. We hope you find everything you need for successful home baking.

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Interesting Fact!

If we put our writing tubes end to end we would be the able to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower 139 times

If we put our food colour and flavour bottles end to end they would be able to stretch from Manchester to Milan

We produce a lot of active ingredients; it works out the same weight as 5,331,706 tennis balls